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Loredge helps you enrich your knowledge
base by connecting you with like-minded individuals.

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Loredge is the tool for collaborating with others while you read.

You can connect with colleagues and study friends that read the same article and interact directly in the pdf with each other.

Share our notes, thoughts and comments with peers and accelerate your learning.

Loredge helps you enrich your knowledge base by connecting
you to like-minded academics.

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Build knowledge

In the age of digitalisation we have more information at our disposal than ever before and we have the possibility to interact with anyone regardless of where on the globe they are.

So why do we still read alone - one by one - and then afterwards try to transfer what we have learned to our peers?

We at Loredge believe that knowledge accumulation is so much more than just reading. By including discussions and collaborations to the reading process directly in the article facilitates learning and comprehension of the material. Having it all in the same place allows you to quickly recover it after extended time have passed.

Capitalise on the knowledge you get from reading. Connect your thoughts and notes to the passages in the article that they refer to.

Cherry pick the best points from each article in your library and collect them all in one notepad. Or save the most interesting parts of an article in different notepads each focusing on a separate topic.

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Organize your

In the age of digitalisation the increasing access to published literature gives us both more to chose from and more to remember once we have read it.

Loredge lets you read exactly what you want. Annotate the way you are used to in real life making the transition to digital space seamless.

Save all the interesting bits and pieces of the articles you read in a fashion that makes sense to you. Free yourself from the need of remembering where all the files are stored. Once you have read an article in Loredge and connected the valuable passages to your different notepads - you can always go back to the article with a single click directly from the notepad.

Working with a bigger purpose

UN global goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), launched in September 2015, are targeting the world’s most pressing challenges. The 17 ambitious goals aim to end all forms of poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by 2030. Through the collective efforts of governments, organisations, communities and individuals across the globe a sustainable future could become reality. At Loredge, we are fully committed to help achieving these goals by democratising knowledge through our innovative and collaborative global solutions. Loredge is setting the course by integrating the UN agenda into every aspect of our work. Loredge is proud to be part of this global movement, working for a bigger purpose. Want to learn more about how Loredge are working with the SDG’s? Click here

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