Frequently asked questions

How do I share a pdf with another user?

You cannot share files within Loredge with other users. You can only read a pdf in Loredge that you have on your computer. Simply start Loredge, go to Library, click the folder icon ( ) on the left and choose the pdf you want from your computer.

What does Loredge mean?

Loredge is a combination of two words: lore and edge. Lore means knowledge or tradition typically passed on by word of mouth. Edge is playing on two things; firstly it refers to cutting edge science and secondly to knowledge.

My tool menu is gone, I cannot see the annotation icons?

You can show and hide the tool menu by clicking on the main menu option you are in. For example: if you are in Workspace, and you do not see the tool menu simple click the Workspace icon again and the tool menu will slide down.

How do I delete a pen drawing?

If you want to delete a pen drawing, select the arrow icon ( ) in the tool menu and mark the line you want to remove. Click on the eraser icon ( ) in the tool menu and the line is removed.

How do I change page?

In the alfa release (purple) of Loredge, you can change page by clicking the arrows ( or ) in the tool menu or type the page number you want in the page number window. If you do not see the tool menu, click on the Workspace icon in the main menu.

How do I report a bug?

We truly appreciate you taking your time to report a bug! Simplest way is to write us at



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